Artist Statement


I paint, print, build, write and make books.

You will see differing forms of expression when you look at my portfolio, because I use the medium, which fits the requirements of the expression of that particular piece.

I feel, is likely to be one of the most important phrases to describe my work.  What I feel, coupled with what I think, and know, determine my choices and interactions with process.  

Process, interaction between artist and creation; where thought, skill, and intuition, guide the hand to form an object which elicits feeling in the viewer.  The viewer may or may not feel what I personally have expressed, but the fact that the viewer feels, is the point.  In a world of reaction, rapidly transitory emotion and thought, I ask the viewer to pause, feel, and think, and return, again and again; to use art as benchmark of one's own personal feeling, and change, intellect and growth.